About The Author And What Inspired Her

Nancy Prieston is the owner of Nancy’s Nursery Rhymes, a pillar of the Darien, New Canaan, Stamford and Rowayton communities for over 20 years. It is an enriched educational program for toddlers, certified in Ct’s guidelines for the development of Toddler Early Learning. Summer and school year classes are offered.


Nancy has pursued her writing career in the last 7 years in her spare time as she worked her business and dealt with the caring and death of her two parents, who play the main characters in her romance novel “I’ll Never Leave You,” based on a true, enduring love story. Significantly inspired by the emotionally tender reading of an 18 page book written to her mother by her father during WWII, she knew, without question, that their story could not be buried--It is her desire to share their inspirational, faith filled relationship, with the world to give hope that true love can exist through all the seasons of life, as listed in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and not just in fairy tales.


Nancy has spent much time organizing pictures, postcards, telegrams, and documents to support her romantic novel based on a true story for the strong reason of giving the reader the emotion of living through the lifes of Anna and Dan. She wanted to earn the belief of the reader as some of their stories are so riveting that one could think this is a book of fairy tales written to entertain. It must be noted that some of the names have been altered (very few) to protect and respect family privacy.


Nancy has chosen to reveal a copy of the actual handwritten book, within the novel, that was sent to Anna by Dan during WWII, as this was what captivated her very soul to write "I'll Never Leave You."