Meet the Author at Barnes and Noble

Stamford Town Center

Nancy Prieston, 0n January 14, 2013 @ 7:15PM, presented and read from her book, "I'll Never Leave You" at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in the Stamford Shopping Mall.


The following is an email from Nick Miele, the coordinator at Barnes and Noble for author presentations:





You did such an amazing job last night. Your enthusiasm was palpable and when you showed off that mirror I got chills…I absolutely believe in fate…some things are meant to happen and nothing can stop that. I hope you received the pictures I sent of you and I also snagged a video of your reading, it was the moments before your husband stood to hand out liquorices…the video is too long to email so I will post it to my YouTube channel and make it private to you if I can do that (I am not sure) OR I can friend you on Facebook and send it to you there. Please accept my apologies for having to run out on you – I was tasked late in the day with meeting some folks from Dublin so that they might hand over some data to me as regards Aircastle (the airplane leasing company for whom I work). Again, Nancy you did a fantastic job, stick your writing and you will find what matters most to you in this world and let all other things be snow.