A display of many handmade items by Dan as featured in "I"ll Never Leave You" will be on display March 11, 2012 at Union Memorial Church in Stamford Ct, where Nancy and her husband Greg are members.

They will include a hand-carved mirror made in 1938 to hold a photo of Anna with her initials "ATJ"carved delicately onto the handle. This is the first Christmas gift presented to Anna. Mahagony wood was a favorite of Dan's and it was his first choice to create a carved jewelry box for Anna, given to her in 1939 for her 8th grade graduation present. During WWII Dan hand carved on a piece of a bombing crate, "Bombardier Wings" while he was stationed off base, living with Anna on Myrtle Beach in the summer of 1943. They are displayed painted in a high gloss gold paint.

His most prized work of art was the building of a speed boat named the Fritzi from a 1936 Popular Mechanics Magazine and finished right before he met Anna for the first time. A framed picture of the Fritzi will be on display along with a minature tug boat name NANCY ANN built in 1926 when he was only 13 year, and a 3 foot speed boat built in 1928, named Lightning.